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Vets in the Fight - Tony Monetti and Brian Mast

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Part of SOS's ongoing missing is to give 'Vets a voice in the fight' in America. 

This is a key and integral part of our overall mission at SOS. Giving Vets a voice really began with Navy veteran we at SOS have dubbed  'Mike the American'.

Talk a walk back with us to late 2013.

A Navy veteran attended an SOS conference outlining the issues surrounding Benghazi. This Vet stood up, introduced himself as “Mike the American.” The name stuck with us and so did his remarks.

That Navy Veteran, Mike the American, asked an important question: “What can Mike do?”

Here was a question asked  by a veteran and collectively for all veterans. It was a question that spoke to everyone in the room, yet no one in attendance could answer his question sufficiently. Mike the American's question had exposed an elusive, amorphous need. A need to act with definition and purpose. 

SOS knew this question needed to be answered.

SOS looked at all the angles of the battlefield, so to speak. Eventually, we came up with a concept that captures the sense of Duty, Honor, Country that every honorably discharged veteran carries into civilian life.

Enter Vets in the Fight (VIF). VIF is a term SOS coined the term to describe that persistent sense of purpose that Vets feel after their active military service ends. 

SOS wanted to give action to the fighting spirit and sense of mission that is imbued in every veteran.  In 2015, SOS decided this was best accomplished by establishing a non-partisan, non-profit 501c(19) veteran organization. That organization would be known as the Veteran Patriots Action Conference (VPAC).

VPAC has three (3) key purposes: 

  • Provide a medium for combat veteran camaraderie.
  • Provide a forum for veterans and veteran issues
  • Serve as an incubator for new concepts to help resolve veteran issues in a comprehensive way.

 Over time, SOS has put a spotlight on  many Veterans in the Fight. Two veterans that currently have our eye and our support hail from Florida and Missouri.

 Tony Monetti

Monetti is a Lieutenant Colonel, US Air Force, Retired, and former B-2 Stealth Bomber pilot. Tony is an accomplished warrior, entrepreneur and  is an engaged America veteran running to unseat Liberal Democrat Senator Clair McCaskill in Missouri. 


Monetti's campaign website has detailed information about his campaign and is happily accepting donations.

Brian Mast

Mast is a former Explosive Ordinance Disposal tech with USASOC.
Brian is currently the Congressional Representative for the 18th District in Florida.


Mast keeps a weekly blog on his congressional website which is both useful and highly informative. Here's one of his recent entries, which deals with, “fighting terror, securing our border, stopping Iran's reign of terror, punishing North Korea and destroying Hezbollah.”





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